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Healing from Within - Barb Ruhl, B.S. Parapsychic Science, CHP
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Physical Issues:
Maybe it's a diagnosis like fibromyalgia, or noticing stress that is causing physical symptoms and issues, or a general sense of something not right? Join me on a journey of healing and discovery using energy healing!
Loss of loved ones:
Can't get over someone who is no longer with us? Join me for a discovery of learning that they are very much still here with you and watching over you!
Marital Issues:
Can't seem to stop fighting but not ready to walk away? Join me on a journey of healing and find love within each other again!
Experiencing deja vu?
Ever wonder why you seem drawn to locations or times in history? You may have lived during that period or in that location! Join me on an exciting adventure of hypnosis and past life regression and discover things about yourself!
Financial freedom:
Want to experience more in life? Don't like your monthly grind of paying bills and never having enough? Let me show you how by unblocking old programs within your subconscious to teach you how to have anything you desire!
Stress in your life:
Do you always feel on overload? Can't fall asleep or stay asleep? Body starting to breakdown? Let me show you how to de-stress, unwind, and get your body, mind and spirit working together to be the best you can be with hypnosis, relaxation, chakra cleansing and healing with angels and guides!
Hi, my name is Barb Ruhl, and my passion in life is helping people discover healing within their own bodies and minds through hypnosis, reiki, energy healing, regressions, medium/clairvoyance, chakra cleansing, intuitive therapies and counseling to enhance and change their lives naturally!
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